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Indianapolis City Market

The Indianapolis City Market is home to many places to eat, vendors to shop with, and places to just soak up some time with friends. It's been called "Indy's Original Gathering Place" and when you see all that they offer, it's not hard to imagine why many like to "gather" there.  The Indianapolis City Market is also home to The Original Farmers' Market every summer.  The Indianapolis City Market is also known for something very unique, the Catacombs that run underneath Indianapolis.


Catacombs Beneath Indianapolis

Did you know there are catacombs that run beneath Indianapolis?  It's true!  I don't know about you, but when I think of catacombs, I typically think of places like Paris.  But these catacombs under Indy aren't quite as old as the Paris catacombs, but they're still really freaking cool!


You Can Tour the Catacombs Under Indy

Here's where this gets really cool, instead of just letting the catacombs sit and collect dust, the Indianapolis City Market teamed up with Indiana Landmarks to offer tours of the catacombs.  The tours run on select Saturdays from May to October.

Descend into one of the city’s most unique underground spaces, the Catacombs beneath Indianapolis City Market’s west plaza, as guides explain its place in downtown history. Tourgoers will not see bones or crypts, but they will enjoy brick-lined views of two historic landmarks: Indianapolis City Market and the cellar of Tomlinson Hall.

Along the way, learn about the rise and fall of Tomlinson Hall and how its loss impacted the local community. Participants will leave with a greater appreciation for Indianapolis City Market and the importance of ongoing historic preservation efforts.

If you want to learn more about the catacombs or buy tour tickets, you can find all of that information through Indiana Landmarks, here.

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