Indianapolis Airport will soon start offering direct flights to Paris, and I'm not talking about Paris Kentucky! I'm talking the real Paris in France! 


International flights are closer than you think! If you've ever had the dream of exploring Paris, or seeing the Eiffel Tower in person, you're now just a 3 hour drive, and a longer than that plane ride away!

Delta airlines will begin offering direct flights to Paris from Indianapolis on May 24 2018.  It will be Indy's first direct flight outside of North America.  According to the Indy Star tickets for the flight will go on sale starting Sept 23.   The flight will leave Indy at 6:20PM and arrive in Paris the next day at 8:45 AM.  I tried to do the math, but it was a struggle I'm thinking it's roughly an 8 hour flight  but don't quote me on that haha!

Do you think you'll be hopping on one of these flights?

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