Have you ever been to a store, and the cashier says "what's your phone number" for rewards/their records? Well when you tell them your number, this is a good reminder on trying to say the number as quietly as possible! 

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Kierra is 19 years old and from Martinsville Indiana, just a little bit up the road!  She went to Walmart with her dad to get a new set of tires put on her car.  At the Walmart Auto Center they ask for a contact number so they can call you whenever your car is done. Like most people, Kierra thought nothing of it, and gave the lady at the register her number, and went about her day.

Later that  night she received a weird text message. Thinking it was a friend at first she joked around with the person, but that's when she realized she did not know the person she was texting. Instead she was texting a man much older than her, who got her number BY OVERHEARING HER TELL THE LADY AT THE REGISTER!

How creepy is that?!  You know I use my phone number for a lot of rewards and things at stores, and never think twice about giving it out.  I'll be more careful from now on, and try to be more aware of my surroundings, and who might hear me.

Check out the series of creepy texts below! The first message is a text her sister sent the guy to try and scare him off.

And for future reference, never in the history of ever has scamming someone's phone number ever gotten them a date... I'm glad Kierra had quick thinking to do something and tell someone!

Here's the series of Kierra's texts, you can also read what she had to say about the situation here!

Photo Credit: Kierra



Credit: Kierra
Photo Credit Kierra

Long story short, she had her sister text him pretending to be her dad and he stopped messaging her.

But it's a reminder to be very careful about who could over hear your number!