If you're going to try and scam people out of money with a threatening e-mail, maybe you shouldn't send one to an Indiana State Trooper. But, what do we know.

Public Information Officer for the Evansville district of the Indiana State Police, and master of the emoji game, Sergeant Todd Ringle, shared a tweet Wednesday morning referencing an e-mail he woke up to claiming he had missed jury duty and was now in some serious trouble.

While Sergeant Ringle doesn't specify what steps were needed to resolve the issue since he (wisely) didn't click on the links he referenced in the above tweet, typically the path these types of scams take involve some sort of payment in order to make the "problem" go away. Of course, you should never share any type of personal information like credit or debit card numbers by e-mail or over the phone. If the offer, or in this case, threat, seems a little fishy, it likely is. If you or someone you know receives an e-mail like the one Sergeant Ringle did, and you're unsure whether or not it is a scam, call your County government's office to see if you have indeed been selected for jury duty.

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