A couple of weeks ago, the Indiana State Police announced they would be stepping up patrols, particularly during late-night hours, in an effort to catch impaired drivers and keep everyone on the road safe during their "Operation Pull Over" campaign. Part of that campaign included plans for sobriety checkpoints at locations across southern Indiana, one of which will take place this Friday night in Vanderburgh County.

By design, the exact location of the checkpoint will not be revealed in advance. It's hard to catch drunk drivers if they know what area to avoid. The exact time of the checkpoint was also not announced by the ISP, but you should probably assume it will be late at night until the wee hours of the morning after the bars close.

Police also encourage drivers to call 911 anytime they see a driver they believe to be impaired.

Of course, if you intend on celebrating the end of the work week with co-workers, friends, or family Friday night (or any night for that matter), have a plan to get home before you start; whether that's assigning a designated driver, or calling Uber, Lyft, or a cab.

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