I don't need any more animals in my house. We have a 14-year-old diabetic dog, an 11-year-old cat, a one-and-a-half-year-old cat, and a bearded dragon that's I have no idea how old. My point is, we have our hands full. With that said, after seeing these three adorable foxes frolicking around on a trail cam at McCormick's Creek State Park in Spencer, Indiana, I would make an exception (it is legal to have a fox as a pet in Indiana, by the way).

Watch Trail Cam Footage of Three Young Foxes Playing at McCormick's Creek

Earlier this month, photographer and videographer, Marc Evans of Evans Media HD managed to capture the three young furballs enjoying a nice spring day at the park by doing what young kids and animals do — exploring and roughhousing with each other. If you're wondering how he got so close, he didn't. According to the video's description, Marc used a high-end HD camera with 50x optical zoom. While he doesn't specify how far away he was, the camera is powerful enough to make it look like he could have reached out and touched them if he wanted to.

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The video starts with a single fox sniffing around and checking out his surroundings before meeting up with a couple of other youngsters (possibly siblings?) for an impromptu wrestling match. Check it out below, especially if you need a reason to smile today.

You can see more of Marc's videos which include air shows, Rennaissance Fairs, weather events, and more on his YouTube channel.

[Sources: Evans Media on YouTube / Wisevoter]

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