It didn't take long for my granddaughter to figure out that she and Mammy can shop on Amazon for just about anything we need. When I go to visit her, or she comes to stay with me, we will get on Amazon and add to her wish list.

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Recently, we were shopping at the Halloween store and as we browsed the kid's costumes, there wasn't much left. She was very disappointed because we had discussed ahead of time that MAmmy was going to buy her a Hermione costume, from Harry Potter. When we got to the HP section of the store, there was only a cape left on the rack. She turned to me and said that she already had a cape and a wand and that we were going to have to order the rest of the costume from Amazon. I tell you, It won't be long before she doesn't need my help at all to order whatever she wants. If I go broke soon, you'll know why.

If your child or grandchild could order from Amazon, by themselves, what do you think your child would order? If they wanted to could they get on your account and just order something?

That's what happened to a former drama student of mine. She and her family live in Ft. Branch. When a package from Amazon was delivered to her house, she was confused because and she hadn't ordered anything.

She soon realized that her daughter, who was four years old at the time, had placed the order. So, to get her genuine and first reaction, Danielle (Mom) decided to make a video of herself opening the package her daughter, Ameilia, had ordered. She had no idea what she would find, but the results were hilarious.

Just a little reminder that your kids may be shopping on Amazon when they are only supposed to be playing a game on your phone. LOL

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