An Indiana man who bagged and tagged a 21-point buck last week has reportedly nicknamed the beast “Back Trouble,” because he says he is destined to suffer the rest of his life with back problems after attempting to haul the deer’s 300-pound body back to civilization.

Phil Hadley says that his family is fortunate that the deer he shot and killed last Tuesday in Decatur County yielded enough meat to last them through Christmas, because after struggling to pull the hefty monster out of the woods, his back is wrenched so bad that he may be forced to take some time off from hunting.

Hadley says that “Back Trouble” is the largest deer he has ever shot, and because of that, he will likely have the head of this “once-in-a-lifetime buck” mounted as a trophy.

However, Hadley doesn’t expect another deer will come around anytime in the near future larger than “Back Trouble”. "I'll probably never see one this big ever again,” he said.

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