Not quite the best news for this Indiana city, but there's always room to fix that.

We live in a world now where most people are more health conscious than they were twenty years ago, and for good reason. We only get one life, one body. It's best to take care of it the best you can. This is especially true when it comes to the food that we eat. Now look, I'll be the first to admit that fried food and Hamburger Helper are delicious, and I eat more of it than I probably should. The older I get, the more I realize that I can't eat like I used to back in the day. It used to be, that I could eat all of that food that I wanted and not gain a pound. Now, it seems like I eat it once in a blue moon and I gain five pounds. That's where obesity kicks in.

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I find a lot of interesting content on the website, 24/7 Wall St. Recently I discovered an article about the Most Obese City in Each State. Before we dive into that, one interesting thing that was mentioned in that article is that obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. It ranks as the second most significant preventable cause of death after smoking. That's pretty scary. As hard as it is to give up some of your favorite foods, it might be a wise decision for you in the long run. I think we all know the dangers that come with obesity, and they're not good.

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This brings me back to that article on 24/7 Wall St. I was curious about the city in Indiana that was named the most obese. Mainly because according to the International Business Times, in 2011, "the city of Evansville, Indiana has the most obese metropolitan area in the nation." That is a stigma that has stuck with Evansville for over a decade now. Some people still like to hang on to that statistic as some claim to fame for Evansville. I'll still randomly see people on social media comment on an article or post about Evansville, saying that it's the most obese city in the country. However, that was in 2011. A lot has changed since then, but I was wondering if it would be Evansville named as the most obese city in the state. So, let's find out what the article revealed.

The Most Obese City in Indiana is...

Thankfully, we here in the Evansville area are in the clear. We have officially gotten rid of that stigma we had back in 2011. Unfortunately, a city did have to be named the most obese in the state. According to 24/7 Wall St., that city is none other than Kokomo. Here are the findings that the article discussed.

  • Adults who are obese: 41.20% (state: 37.2%)
  • Adults who don’t exercise: 26.80% (state: 25.6%)
  • Adults who report poor or fair health: 15.20% (state: 15.1%)
  • Adults with diabetes: 10.30% (state: 10.5%)
  • Adults who get <7 hours of sleep a night: 35.20% (state: 35.9%)

Are you surprised by the result? Granted, this isn't where Kokomo residents wants to find themselves on a list like this. Some lifestyle changes could not only put the residents in a better position, as well as putting each individual in a healthier state. Now, I'm not saying that I'll stop eating Hamburger Helper or Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes altogether, but over the past couple of years, I have cut back drastically and have noticed a big difference in my weight. I'm also not one to tell anyone how to live their life. However, it's pretty much understood that cutting out some of those unhealthy foods from your daily life will lead to a healthier lifestyle. The choice is ultimately yours.

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