As each of our kids move out of the house, we find ourselves contemplating life in a much smaller space. I would love to sell all of our things and buy a fifth wheel camper. That way we could travel to see our kids and grandkids, and never have to do yard work again. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

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Now, if I could only talk my husband into actually doing it. As far as buying another camper, he's all in, but he seems to think that he needs a home base. To me, that just means we still have yard work to do. Why do we need a home base when we can camp in beautifully landscaped campground or park?

I've tried to sell him on the idea of meeting different people all the time. Since he is very social, I thought this argument might work. But, it doesn't work. He just says we have lots of people we should be hanging out with right here at home. Ok, he does have a little bit of a point.

So, it looks like the only compromise is a smaller home. Because of this, I have been looking at lots of shipping container designs and tiny house plans. The more I see, the more I really love them.

But, I have also been looking at existing tiny house properties. While looking for unique properties on Zillow, I came across this tiny home in Bicknell, IN, that has been completely remodeled inside and out.

Take a look. I think it looks so much bigger than just 476 square feet.

Indiana Tiny House Is Only 476 Sq. Feet But Looks So Much Bigger On The Inside

This is a tiny home that I could totally live in!

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