The state of Illinois has a bunch of Urban Legends that you will either roll your eyes at, or they will freak you out completely. This is one I've never heard before, but apparently it's real...or is it? STLMAG

Lovers Leap

Take a "leap of faith" with this story... A bluff overlooking the Illinois and Mississippi rivers in Pere Marquette Park is the location, the time frame takes us back to a time of Indian Chiefs, and a daughter that fell in love named "Laughing Water." Ok...

Girl hanging from a bluff, about to fall in the water and drown. Boy swims the water, catches the girl...True love. The father of "Laughing Water" was not impressed by the young man, and attempted to shoot a venom dipped arrow at the boy to kill him. Ouch dude, wth.

Dad missed, hits daughter. The boyfriend catches girl as she dies...and they leap into the water to die together. Romantic.

So decades and decades later, couples that visit said bluff, have the "sudden urge" to leap to their death...The "Lovers Leap." Dude, what in the...Check out this video, start at: 5:05 for the "Lovers Leap" story. Romeo and Juliet, eat your heart out...or something.

There's way more Illinois Urban Legends in the video, enjoy them all...if you dare.


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