Do you want to live to be 100? Betty White is planning on hitting that milestone in just a few weeks and she has some advice for all of us.

Betty White is an American treasure. And you know what? She was born right here in Illinois, which means we can claim her as a local treasure, too.

In less than three weeks, Betty will turn 100 years old, Monday January 17, and People magazine chose her as their cover girl this week to start the celebrating early.

Of course, what we all want to know is... how do we live to be 100? What's your secret, Betty!

Her secrets are pretty funny and also very Betty.

First she tells us (and by that I mean she tells PEOPLE), she's managed to stay healthy because of her attitude.

"born a cockeyed optimist" is the key to her upbeat nature. "I got it from my mom, and that never changed," she says. "I always find the positive."

Ok, so... maybe most of us aren't always too optimistic, it's time to change! That snow falling all over Rockford, it's BEAUTIFUL and I hope it falls for days.

Maybe I do.. maybe I don't... but I definitely thought Betty's next tip to PEOPLE was pretty funny.

As for her diet, White jokes: "I try to avoid anything green. I think it's working."

I have to imagine sometime in the last 99.99 years, Betty White has eaten something green. Even if it was a green Skittle.

She also mentioned she love watching Jeopardy! which I love, too.

There are a ton of Betty White birthday celebrations happening next month including at the movie theater right here in Rockford AND on Good Day Stateline the entire week leading up to her birthday, which airs weeknights at 5:30 and 11pm on FOX 39.

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