Growing up, eery time we would get a lot of snow, my little brother and I would try to build an igloo. Let me tell you, it's a lot harder that it looks.

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We either never had enough snow or we just weren't cut out for snow house construction and got tired and bored.

What does it take to build an igloo?

To build an igloo, you must have time, the right tools and a lot of snow. According to,

The Inuit designed the igloo to be warm, sturdy and easy to construct. All it takes is a few simple tools, an abundance of snow and a little patience. The experienced igloo builder can put one together in as little as one hour. Novice igloo builders can expect it to take an average of three to six hours.

IL man had everything he needed.

Too bad my little brother and I didn't live in this neighborhood by Brad Vayda. He build an amazing and huge igloo in his front yard. After he finished, one of his neighbors sent the photos to local journalist, Tom Skilling.

Take a look at this!

The next time we have a significant snowfall and you really want to tackle this incredible undertaking, here is how to built your very own igloo.

Good luck.

If you built one sen me photos/videos, here.

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