This is one of the more surreal moments I've seen recently where I immediately did a double-take and asked myself what I just witnessed. From what I can tell, this is a rescue squirrel attacking a toy unicorn in an Illinois family's backyard. Seriously.

According to the video description, this happened recently in Sheldon, Illinois. Here's what the family said to explain what's going on here:

We rescued Buggy from our backyard at about 3 weeks old. This toy was a favorite before he was released back outside. Our dog (Raven) had hidden it behind her crate. After I discovered Mr. Unicorn I took it outside to Buggy's tree and set it there. The video was his reaction to seeing and recognizing his toy after roughly 6 months of being outside.

So the squirrel's name is Buggy. Have never thought of that as a good squirrel name before and the fact that I have really wondered about that is worrisome. Oh, well. Watch the squirrel get save with his unicorn toy.

So why did Raven the dog hide the unicorn toy? So many questions. I suppose I should just accept this as an innocent moment of squirrel cuteness instead of trying to make sure I haven't gone completely insane by spending so much time watching a rescue squirrel and a toy unicorn. Sigh.

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