By 2045 Illinois will officially shut down all fossil fuel production in the state, and apparently, the switch to solar is already underway in a big way.

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If you didn't know Illinois passed legislation in 2021 that will ban all fossil fuel plants in the state by 2045 and will attempt to power the state with renewable energy sources like wind and solar, you can read all about it on in this article from Well since the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act passed in 2021 there apparently has been progress made already towards the renewable goals Illinois has set. In the article from they say...

"In less than a half year, solar companies have installed more than 2,000 rooftop and community solar projects in the state, which is enough clean energy to power 30,000 homes...Illinois businesses are expected to complete more than 8,400 rooftop and community solar projects by the end of 2022, and the state’s solar workforce is expected to increase 47% by the end of the year."

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My reaction to this is pretty simple...good. What I mean by that is since this legislation was passed my main concern was "hey, 2045 will be here sooner rather than later so if you want to power the state completely with renewable energy you better get to work asap." according to this article they have gotten to work, so that's good. I'm just a morning show radio host, I am not qualified to say whether or not this is the right direction for Illinois to be heading, but I will say if this is the direction that the leadership has chosen at least it's a good sign that work is already being done.

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