If you share your Netflix password with other people, you might want to start collecting a fee from them because you will be paying more next year.

It is pretty common for people to share their streaming accounts with friends and family. You might have a shared account or two already. No harm, no foul, right? Well, Netflix especially has been trying to crack down on password sharing lately, and they have begun a new test that will further their efforts. However, you might not like it too much.

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Get Ready to Pay More for Netflix if You Share a Password

Netflix has been testing a new fee structure where you would get charged extra for users who live outside of your household. These tests started in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru first. The company has been trying several things to crack down on people sharing accounts and this is just the latest endeavor. So, why is this such a big concern for Netflix? In a blog post, they said that those who are sharing accounts are "impacting our ability to invest in great new TV and films for our members."

The company announced earlier this week, during its quarterly earnings call, that it will be launching that program in the United States.


How It Will Work

According to Netflix's Shareholder Letter:

Finally, we’ve landed on a thoughtful approach to monetize account sharing and we’ll begin rolling this out more broadly starting in early 2023. After listening to consumer feedback, we are going to offer the ability for borrowers to transfer their Netflix profile into their own account, and for sharers to manage their devices more easily and to create sub-accounts (“extra member”), if they want to pay for family or friends. In countries with our lower-priced ad-supported plan, we expect the profile transfer option for borrowers to be especially popular.

According to Bring Me The News, the pricing hasn't been announced yet. However, if it follows the test program from South America, it could be a price increase of $3 to $4 a month.

Given that we have so many people sharing an account on Netflix, will we see more people drop the streaming service upon the price increase? Or do you think that this will have little effect on subscribers due to the popular programming they put out?

(H/T- Bring Me The News)

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