Eager Hayniacs know Hunter Hayes is in the process of working on a new album, but he's staying mum about the details. When asked about his latest songwriting sessions, the 23-year-old was coy.

“I’ll say this: I’m in the studio, and … when I’m in the studio, I’m very cautious about it because if there’s one thing that can destroy music being made, it’s any sort of agenda, expectation and/or schedule or any of that,” Hayes tells the Boot. "Every time I’ve gone in to create music and felt free and felt like I was actually creating something, it’s turned out something I’m really proud of, so I try to keep that as a tradition. But I’m in the studio, so there you go.”

While Hayes didn't want to give any details about the album, expected this year, he did admit that he is currently working on some new songs. He notes that he spent the holidays working on new songs in his home studio.

"You heard that rumor? Yeah, that one’s true,” he reveals, smiling. “Ninety-nine of the other ones aren’t true, but that one’s true."

Hayes is now on tour with Lady Antebellum for their Wheels Up tour, and he's got a buddy coming with him. The young singer recently adopted a greyhound named Cole, and says he's officially the new "bus dog."

Jokes Hayes, "I don’t know if the band knows that yet, but here’s our announcement. There you go. Now the band knows."

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