99.5 WKDQ wants to know how well you know your significant other. It could score you dinner for two at Cavanaugh's Steakhouse at Tropicana in Downtown Evansville.

Throughout the week of July 13th, we will be sending out notifications exclusively through the WKDQ App. Within these notifications will be a popular country love song. However, the title of this song will be scrambled. It will be up to you to unscramble the song title and enter it in the form that is attached to the notification.

Each song title guessed correctly will get you one entry into the contest. We will randomly select two people out of all the correct entries to join the Q Crew for a special Q Crew Happy Hour on WKDQ's Facebook. During this Facebook Live event, we will see how well you know your significant other by playing the Couples Challenge.

What is the WKDQ Couples Challenge? It's where we will ask you and your significant other questions about each other. Each correct answer gets you one point. The couple with the most points at the end of the challenge will be the winner.

The winner of the WKDQ Couples Challenge will win a certificate good for dinner for two at Cavanaugh's Steakhouse at Tropicana in Downtown Evansville valued at $100.

Think you have unscrambled the song title? Submit your entry in the form below:


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