Want to step your Halloween party game up this year? You can get a little creative with a pumpkin and have the coolest cooler around!

One of the pages that I follow religiously on Facebook is Tipsy Bartender. If you love unique adult beverages and fun content, you should give them a follow. Skyy John is so creative with some of the drinks that he and his team makes, plus he is so hard not to watch as he is very entertaining. Anyway, I watch their videos every day and today I saw one that I thought that I would share with you.

If you're throwing a (socially distanced) Halloween party this year and are looking for some fun ideas, here's a good one. Did you know that you could make a cooler out of a pumpkin? Me neither. However, Tipsy Bartender did and they showed us exactly how to make on in a recent post.

All you need is a giant pumpkin, your drinks of choice, a carving knife, and a little bit of time. When it all comes together you will have a huge pumpkin with several beer bottles sticking out of it. If you have a giant pumpkin and want to give this a try, keep in mind that you will need to mark out and cut all of the holes for the bottles so set aside plenty of time to do that. It doesn't look too hard to create, again, it will just take a bit of time. You can see how to make it yourself in the video below:

He also made another one on his YouTube channel. I should warn you that there is a bit of explicit language in this video, but it's still pretty entertaining to watch.

Oh, and if the thought sounds good but you don't want to take the time to carve out all of the holes, you can always make a much easier pumpkin cooler. You can cut open the top, remove the seeds and guts, fill it with ice and your favorite adult beverage, and bam! A pumpkin cooler!

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