We all do it. Whether we are trying to be funny, excited or furious, we have tried to send a curse word text. But, your phone auto corrects you like it's trying to change your attitude. I don’t know about you, but I like my attitude just the way to is, sassy.

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The pandemic had brought out words in me that I only used sparingly before we had to take our vacations going room to room in my own house. It’s frustrating to be trying to vent a little in a text ny using a curse word only to have auto correct and change the word to duck. It’s funny, but NOT what I intended and NOT when I’m trying to get my point across. You know it's happened to you too. LOL

So, how do you keep your phone from interfering in your text conversation and just butt out?

Here is a step by step guide to make sure your iPhone minds it's business.

How To Stop Your Phone From Auto Correcting Your Cursing


The newer iPhones don’t try to get all up in your business, they have been programed to just let the cursing texts fly.

If you have an Android, can do it too. It’s easy, just go to your Settings, then Screen, then  Language, then Input and finally, Personal Dictionary.

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