Every meat lover should learn how to spot a quality cut of beef at the supermarket. Follow the tips below to pick out the tastiest steak every time:


Fresh is better than frozen

Fresh meat will always be more tender and juicy than frozen meat, no matter how expertly it's been freeze-dried and vacuum sealed.

Thick and marbled (or not)

Thin cuts are good for fast cooking, or recipes in which the steak is secondary to other ingredients (fajitas or burritos), but generally you should choose a steak that's about an inch thick.

Marbling, or the visible white flecks of fat in the meat, indicates higher quality in fatty cuts, but not in lean cuts. A ribeye should have lots of consistent marbling for maximum juiciness. Top sirloin, however, will have little if any marbling because it's meant to be a leaner and firmer cut.

Pick your cut

The type of flavor you want from your steak will depend on the part of the cow it was cut from. Ribeyes and filets will be especially tender and juicy, while a top sirloin or New York Strip will be firmer and have a powerful steak flavor instead of a buttery fat flavor.

Picking the "perfect" steak ultimately depends on your individual tastes, so try a variety of cuts and see what you prefer.

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