If you are reading this thinking that you are 100% a law abiding citizen, then you are in a serious case of denial. 


Now, I'm not saying that you are a felon by any means, but I can pretty much guarantee that you break more laws than you expect throughout the year. These laws are things that maybe you didn't know were against the law or just things that you know are illegal but you commonly get away with. Here are a few examples:

1.  Buying something, wearing it once, then returning it.

2.  Taking a sick day when you're not sick.

3.  Illegally downloading music or movies.

4.  Getting too much change back when you buy something, and keeping it.

5.  Logging onto someone else's WiFi.

6.  Eating grapes or other little things at the grocery store.

7.  Smuggling food into a movie.

8.  Using the bathroom at a store or restaurant without buying something.

9.  Driving with an expired registration.

10.  Lying to get a discount, like saying it's your birthday or that there was a problem with your food.

13. Using a fake name on the internet.

15. Knocking on doors or ringing door bells, then running away before the door is answered.

Be honest...you're guilty of at least one of those things, right? Have no fear, you aren't alone. While this survey was conducted in Brittan, it's most certainly reflective of the United States...I mean come on, look at that list. You can probably name twenty people who broke some of those laws last week alone!  According to the survey, we are breaking the law 32 times a year. That's a lot!

Those are only just a few laws that are commonly broken. There are so many more that people break that it's way too much to type out. Do yourself a favor and look up commonly broken United States laws. You might be surprised by how many laws you have actually broken.

Does that mean that you will stop breaking the law? Probably not, but for the more serious offenses like underage drinking, not wearing a seat belt, and piracy...you should probably consider abiding by the law for your own sake.


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