One of the biggest expenses a country act has when they go on tour is the bus. They can lease or borrow one but if they want to own their home on wheels they better have a lot of backing and a lot of bucks.

The 1983 Eagle bus pictured at the top of the page was purchased used in 2014 by a couple of investors in Austin Texas for $100,000. The Texas city they lived in probably clued you as the country star they bought it from. Here's a front view of the vehicle:

Daniel Boczarski getty

Yep, It was Willie Nelson's and it was used to haul Willie and his band around for many years before it went up for sale. It didn't take much longer for the bus (named "Me and Paul" for Willie's friend and drummer) to be on the road again and go up for sale on Craig's List.This time it topped out at about $60,000.

Daniel Boczarski getty

Not bad for a travelling piece of American history. And it gets a whopping SEVEN miles to the gallon. Of course Willie Nelson had to have a new bus and I'll bet he didn't have much trouble floating a loan down at the local bus dealer for his new one. Take a look:

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A new touring bus like that can cost as much as two million. Willie can probably afford those monthly payments but they must be pretty steep since he didn't have a trade in.