Candy Corn is synonymous with Halloween, but not everyone loves candy corn. Personally, candy corn is my favorite candy, but a lot of people I know absolutely hate it, which just baffles my mind. There is also a certain way to eat candy corn, either from the top down, the preferred method, or from the bottom up, which is counter-productive and anti-climactic, if you ask me.

There are also many questions about candy corn like, what is the story behind the orange, yellow and white color scheme? Why is each piece shaped like a triangle, and what is the secret to that very soft texture? Did you know that if you eat a handful of candy corn and peanuts together, it will taste exactly like a PayDay candy bar? True dat!!

The secret to the texture is marshmallow....yeah marshmallow....who knew??  The production of candy corn is a lot more complicated than you might think, and while certainly mass produced, it happens literally one kernel at a time...sort of, as you can see below. This is fascinating stuff.