About five years ago we brought a new member into the family. We found the little fellow in the photo above at Henderson Humane Society. The photo was taken just after we brought him back from his first trip to the doggy beauty parlor. His body hair is always straight but after it has grown out his head fur is very curly. He must be a mix between a Poodle and Maltese or something like that.

But he didn't have a name. What would you name that little boy? We tossed around "Snowball", "Fuzz", "Woolyworm", "Casper", "Charmin", and because of his curly white head hair I personally favored "Harpo." But we didn't agree on one and in the meantime we would just be "Boy" as in, "good Boy" or "you are supposed to do that outside, Boy".

In the above picture you can see that unruly head of hair that finally gave him his name. The deal was finally completed when our daughter found this picture on eBay.


Compare the above picture of Albert Einstein with this photo of our little guy:

Bill Love photo

Yep-His name was chosen! He's been "Einstein" for five years now. We have also discovered several ways our Einstein and Albert Einstein were alike:

1. Albert Einstein didn't wear socks. Our Einstein has never worn socks.

2. Albert Einstein played the violin. Our Einstein chewed up part of a violin.

3. Albert Einstein invented a ladies blouse with permanent extra buttons that could expand when she put on weight. Our Einstein has a coat that has expanded as he has put on weight.

4. Albert Einstein invented a refrigerator.  Our Einstein will eat anything in our refrigerator

5. When he first came to the US, Albert Einstein was suspected of being a spy. We suspect our Einstein may be peeing on the living room carpet

6. When he was very young, Albert Einstein's parents were worried he may have a learning disability. Ditto.

(Turned out our Einstein was only ignoring us.)