When it starts getting cool outside and there is a feeling of fright in the air, that means it's Halloween time. Time to cozy in, grab some snacks and scare the living day lights out of yourself with scary movies,

I'm a big fan of the horror movie genre. I even did a college research paper at Indiana University about horror films through the years and how they are a refection of  the social norms of the time. I find the thought of WHAT scares us and why, very compelling. What scares us, in film, is always changing.

Not all scary movies are my cup of tea. I don't like rabid or possessed dogs that attack and slasher films. I'm good with the rest though, especially one that makes me think. The way a film scares is important too.When it comes to scary movies, I like stories that aren't typical, maybe even based on real events that have twists and turns. Movies that make my jump out of my skin and lead me into analyzing discussions are my jam.

What really scares me?  element of surprise and demons crawling in slow fast motion on floors walls and ceilings will make me scram and cover my eyes.

Here are my top five scary movie picks, in no particular order. All of my favorites will give you chills.







My love of scary movies lead to my chance to actually be in a film. I auditioned, and got a part. I played the psycho killer. Typecast? LOL

It was a really cool experience that I could mark off my bucket list. The movie, Scorned was shot in right here in Boonville, IN, Owensboro, KY, and Whitesville, KY.

Take a look!

We had a blast. Take a look at out behind the scenes video. You will see me in some of the movie footage, the voice telling the story, being interviewed off camera and female lead vocals one of the songs.


We shot another short film, Flight Delay, in Princeton, IN. My ex husband is the star and I play an assassin. Typecast? You will see my evil eye.


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