If you will have Memorial Day off this coming Monday, why not spend Sunday night up late watching three movies back to back to back at the Holiday Drive-In?

It's no secret that Holiday Drive-In is one of the hot spots in the Tri-State during the summer months. This drive-in theater, located in Reo, Indiana, has been a staple of the Evansville area since it opened its first screen in 1955. The Holiday Drive-In is now one of the oldest American drive-in theaters still in operation. Still, 68 years later, moviegoers eagerly await the drive-in theater's opening weekend throughout the cold winter months to go outside and enjoy movies under the stars.

Holiday Drive In- Facebook
Holiday Drive In- Facebook

It's been a tradition on holiday weekends to show three films rather than just two on Screen 1. That will be the case this Memorial Day weekend, as the Holiday Drive-In announced on Facebook. While they didn't announce what the third movie will be on May 28th, they did announce what movies will be playing throughout Memorial Day weekend. A few of these movies include the new live-action version of Disney's "The Little Mermaid," "Fast X," "The Machine," "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3", and more!

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Here's the full lineup of movies playing at the Holiday Drive-In this weekend:

Oh, and don't forget...The Holiday Drive-In has its own rules in place for patrons to adhere to. However, these unspoken rules are things that you should also follow...if you don't want to grind people's gears.

10 Commandments of the Holiday Drive In

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