One of the most beloved Halloween movies of all time is about to get a remake!

Hocus Pocus is a movie that has been a must see every year since 1993. 90's kids grew up with it and regard it as one of the best movies to see this time of year, I am one of those kids!

There have been rumors about a sequel coming for years, however that has yet to happen. It seems doubtful, according to some cast members. While a sequel may not be happening, it was confirmed today that the Disney Channel is planning on creating a Hocus Pocus remake.

This might have some up in arms. A remake? That's going to catch a lot of flack from some who adore the original film. Let's be honest, the original is usually always better. The film is still in development, but we do know that there will be an all new cast for this version. You can see all of the details that are available in the article below.


What are you thoughts on this? Should they leave Hocus Pocus alone? Will a remake be accepted? Or should they just do a sequel with the original cast?





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