Imagine owning your very own town. Not a thriving, huge metropolis, nobody wants that, too many things to take care of, but a nice little small town nestled in the incredible Tennessee countryside. If this sounds appealing to you, there is a little town, just south of Nashville, that is just waiting for you.

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If I Owned My Own Town

My town would be awesome. It would be full of flowers and flowering shrubs and trees. I picture it looking like a Hallmark Christmas movie, year-round. Not full of Christmas decorations, but just look and feel welcoming and friendly no matter when you visit. It would be so awesome, we would have to start buying up the land around us because so many people would want to live there.

One of The Perks Of My Town

I guess the main thing is that it would be inviting and warm. One of the buildings would be the town diner, that I own because that's my dream job. I would treat you like one of the family. Pour a cup of coffee and fix your favorite breakfast. You would always get those things with a smile and some good light-hearted conversation to get your day started off right.

Water Valley, Tennessee Is For Sale

Sitting just southwest of Nashville, the property and structures can be used for commercial, residential, Airbnb, or a Bed and Breakfast with parking and picnic space as well. It is sitting in the gorgeous countryside with Mulberry trees everywhere. The very small town is on Water Valley Road, Water Valley, Maury County, Tennessee, and is selling for $725,000.

Take a Look

Historical Small Town Near Nashville, TN Is For Sale

The whole town is for sale. To me the potential is endless. Now to get the money.

I'm seeing a TON of potential. For the right investor with the right ideas, this could be turned into a travel destination.

See more pics and get purchasing info, HERE.

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