First of all I have not been a guest at many wedding receptions, but I have been to several hundred receptions over last 50 years as the entertainment. Possibly I can give you a few tips that will help you keep from having a total freak show. Wedding season is almost here and it's not too early to make your plans. Here are today's tips:

  • Decide if you are going to have the wedding ceremony and reception in the same location. It is a lot easier for the guests if you have them together. Many churches, especially Catholic, have halls attached to the Church. Even if you are going to have both events at the Eagles or American Legion or wherever you can set up an attractive ceremony kiosk and move the chairs into rows. I have played many of this type. You may want the DJ to play the processional and recessional and even some special music for the ceremony.
  •  If you do go this route I would recommend after the ceremony you will need a little time to move the chairs and tables into place for the meal and dancing. It works best to get the guests to clear the room for a few minutes after the ceremony.
  • Book your reception location now. It is never too early.You can go as simple as a small get together at your home after the wedding to an expensive bash at the Evansville or Oak Meadow country clubs for hundreds. The price for a reception hall usually starts in the $200 range and can go into the thousands depending on how fancy you want to get.
  • Decide if you want to have dancing. If so you'll want a bigger location that will have a dance floor. You'll need a band or DJ. Almost all reception locations do not include the DJ. The DJ will bring everything including lights, a music library and sound system. He/she will charge somewhere south of $1000 but not much south. You will want to provide a list of special tunes in advance and be sure to tell the DJ if there are any songs you do not want played. Book early. Good DJs are in demand and since most weddings are on Saturday, the DJ can only do about 50 a year. There are DJ services listed online and the place where you book your reception may be able to recommend a few.
  • I highly recommend you have a wedding planner.There are several professionals in Evansville. Simply google "wedding planner Evansville". Even if you are not going to have a pro, please put a capable family member in charge that can give orders. Make out a schedule of what you want to happen and when it's supposed to occur and let your top sergeant run the show.
  • Later this week I'll have more tips. If you have some please pass them on in the comments area below.

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