If you were a fan of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, then I'm sure you were pretty excited when it was announced that 31 years later they would be making a new movie. The new move, Bill & Ted Face the Music is set to open in theaters in August, but right now they need your help.

The producers of the movie are asking you to be a most excellent part of our movie as a member of the Wyld Stallions.They want you to submit a video of yourself, your kids, family pets, whoever you want, rocking out while playing an air or real instrument. According to the website, Party On With Bill And Ted,

......in the most interesting setting [they] can....and keep from showing any copyrighted materials in the process. Clips should be limited to 30 seconds in length, and the audio on each video will not be used.

You must submit your video by May 20 for your best chance to have it included in the new Bill & Ted Movie.

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Here is a tease of what we can expect from the movie.



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