The lack of a Fall Festival didn't stop Tri-State from hitting up the West Side Nut Club half pot ticket booths over the past three weekends. When ticket sales officially ended Saturday afternoon, the jackpot was past last year's incredible $1.2 million dollars.

When all was said and done, $1,391,375 worth of tickets were purchased over the past three weekends meaning the winner is pocketing $695,687.50. The Nut Club will use their half as donations to local schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations who request it. The Club tweeted out the official total about 15 minutes after ticket sales ended at 2:00 p.m.

But, who became nearly $700,000 richer? Whoever is holding this winning this ticket number which was announced during a live video stream on the Club's Facebook page Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m.:


The fact the jackpot not only met, but exceeded last year's total is an impressive feat when you consider purchasing tickets required residents to go out of their way to drive to one of the four ticket booths on Franklin Street and in the parking lot across from Bristol Meyers, opposed to simply walking up to a booth because you were already on Franklin Street enjoying the annual Fall Festival festivities.

With that said, it's not surprising a new record was set, as the Tri-State always comes through to help those who need it. This year, that's all the organizations who missed out on the money they would have raised had the Fall Festival taken place.

If you have the winning ticket number above, first off, congratulations! If you're looking for a new best friend, I'm here for you. Secondly, the West Side Nut Club says you should "call or text the following number (702-763-5050) or email the following email address ( and provide contact information so a Nut Club representative can get back with them to make arrangements to meet with them at the West Side Nut Club office." to arrange claiming your money.

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