Like nearly every non-profit in the Tri-State, the Salvation Army of Henderson has been forced to adjust how they operate in an effort to protect themselves, their employees, and those they serve from the spread of the coronavirus. That includes a temporary stop on donations for their Family Store resale shop. Despite announcing that stop on March 19th, it seems a few people didn't get the memo.

The group posted the following photos to their Facebook page Saturday morning showing a large amount of random junk dumped on their property after someone cut through the padlock on the gate.

I understand you're probably getting cabin fever being stuck at home more than you're used to, and maybe you're using that time to knock a few items off your to do list, like cleaning out the garage, but unfortunately under the current circumstances unless you know for sure a non-profit resale shop is still accepting donations, don't just dump it on their property. While that may make it out of sight / out of mind for you, it becomes a problem for them. My suggestion is to call ahead to wherever you normally take those types of donations and make sure they are still accepting them before you even load them into your vehicle.

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