At the little Henderson County village of Niagara, Kentucky stands the Kentucky historical marker noting the birthplace of Louis Marshall Jones who began his life there in a little frame house in October 1913.  Louis had a musical talent and soon found himself playing banjo claw style on WBZ in Boston with the Bradley Kincaid radio show. Because Louis complained about the very early morning hours of the WBZ show, Bradley told him he sounded like an old grouchy grandpa and the nickname "Grandpa" Jones was born even though "Grandpa" was only 20 years old.

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Kincaid  dressed Louis in 100 year old lace up boots, baggy pants and a huge gray handlebar mustache which became grandpa's costume for the next 60 years although he did replace the stick-on mustache with a smaller real one when he got older. Grandpa Jones recorded a lot of albums and had one big single record titled, "T For Texas". Grandpa was married most of his life to his love Ramona. Alas, the couple never had any offspring so Louis never became a real Grandpa. He just had to settle for being the "Grandpa" to the entire country.