It Takes a Village has a goal, they want to be the ones who let the dogs out, with a new doggy playground! You can help them out on August 15th from 12-7P by donating! 

ITV is an Evansville based rescue, they have both home fosters and dogs housed at their rescue facility.  While they've got great volunteers who come and walk the dogs at the rescue, and get them out to run off some energy, this is another really great way to help get the dogs out of their kennels and into an area where they can play and really get some energy out!

That's where Missy comes in!

Missy Mosby is a board member at It Takes a Village, and each year she dedicates her birthday to raise money for the dogs. This year she's getting locked up! She will be locked in a kennel all day tomorrow, until her bail can be raised.

Her bail is $3,000 and the bail money will go to help the rescue upgrade their playground!

Let's be honest, she's going to be really cramped in that kennel, so the sooner the money can be raised the better! And the sooner these pups will have an amazing new playground to run in!

Here's how you can help! You can stop by ITV tomorrow, August 15 from 12-7 and donate there. You can also purchase a t-shirt, and some fun treats while you're there, the proceeds will also go to Missy's bail! You can get all the details on the Who Let The ITV Dogs Out event page, here!

If you can't make it out tomorrow, you can also donate to help bail Missy out and get the dogs of ITV a new playground, here!

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