E is for Everyone is a local initiative to help Evansville. They recently approached their one year mark, and are now looking to see how the city has improved, and how it can improve going into year two! As E is for Everyone goes into it's second year, they want to make sure to measure the results.   So they can see what needs to be improved, where Evansville is succeeding, and how we can all make Evansville better. They want to help the people of Evansville and surrounding areas connect, contribute, and celebrate our city.

But they can't do it without feedback. E is for Everyone is asking anyone from Evansville or the surrounding areas to take this short survey. It only took me about 30 seconds to complete.  This survey is going to serve as a one-year benchmark for E is for Everyone so they can keep track on Evansville's progress. It's a quick 1-10 scale where you can rate the city, let the city know what it's doing well, and let the city know where it needs improvement.

Evansville is growing all the time, and I love to see how fast it's expanding, but with growth comes some growing pains, so it's great we have this community initiative to help with those. Together we can make sure that Evansville is the best it can possibly be!

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