It was a busy week for country artists releasing new singles, and there's something for everyone in the latest batch of new songs. Read on to check 'em all out! 

Jason Aldean, "Drowns the Whiskey" (Feat. Miranda Lambert):

Jason Aldean's collaboration with Miranda Lambert, “Drowns the Whiskey,” is his latest single. The mid-tempo heartbreak song talks about how alcohol (specifically, whiskey) should be helping the narrator forget someone, but the memory of his past love is too strong to quell. Together, Aldean and Lambert harmonize about the heartache of not being able to forget. “Whiskey's supposed to drown the memory / I've gone from one to one too many / And the thing that really gets me / Is how your memory drowns the whiskey," the pair sing together in the chorus. “Drowns the Whiskey,” written by Brandon Kinney, Jeff Middleton and Josh Thompson, will hit country radio on May 14. -- CC

Joe Nichols, "Billy Graham's Bible":

Joe Nichols’ latest single, “Billy Graham’s Bible,” is country through and through. Nichols uses his deep voice to pay tribute to Graham, a well known Southern Baptist minister who died earlier this year, singing about how it seems as though certain things (and people) are put on this planet for a specific purpose: “I'm like Billy Graham's bible / And that old guitar Willie plays / The Good Lord had a plan for them / The moment they were made / In the right hands, they come alive / You understand, the reason why / Some things wind up where they're meant to be / Like Billy Graham's bible / Willie's old guitar and me.” "Billy Graham's Bible" comes from Nichols' latest release, Never Gets Old. -- CC

Jason Nix, "Singing for the Money":

Co-written by Billy Montana and co-produced by Kenny Davis and Mike Eli, the latter of the Eli Young Band, “Jason Nix’s “Singing for the Money” is the title track of the up-and-coming artist’s EP, due out this summer. Nix, who has spent 13 years making music and formerly played lead guitar for Canaan Smith and Chase Rice, says of the track, “My dad was a musician, and the only thing I ever even thought about doing was being onstage. Obviously, things change as you grow up, and the deeper you get into pursuing something, you see a different side of the situation and the obstacles that stand in the way … “Singing for the Money” is about appreciating the grind that goes into chasing something." -- AS

Brandon Lay, "Yada Yada Yada": 

Although the title of Brandon Lay's newest single speaks to how new love can make the rest of the world fade away to background noise, the country singer says the nonsense words were originally placeholders for lyrics he planned to add later. "I had the melody in my head one day as I was driving home from a gig, but I didn't have any lyrics yet, so I was just humming yada yada yada as dummy lyrics (into my phone)," Lay explains in a press release. "A few days later, I was in a writing room with the voice memo and Mikey [Reaves]  and Heather [Morgan] (the song's co-writers) thought that would make a pretty good title in itself, so we went with it." --CL

Adam Doleac, "Mom and Daddy's Money": 

Just in time for Mother's Day, Adam Doleac has released "Mom and Daddy's Money," an emotional tribute to the parents who raised him and the sacrifices they made so that he could have a good life. "'Mom and Daddy's Money' is one of my favorite lyrics I've ever written," Doleac says in a press release. "I believe good parents are the best thing you can give a kid, and I was very lucky to have that growing up. This song is my way of saying thank you to them." Doleac is currently on the road in support of his self-titled debut EP, and made his festival debut last month at Stagecoach. -CL

The Belles, "Didn't Break Mine": 

The mother-daughter duo that make up The Belles have shared their debut single, the peppy "Didn't Break Mine," which premiered on May 11 on Taste of Country. The track is a cleverly crafted heartbreak song in disguise, and while the up-tempo, bouncy melody has all the hallmarks of a party song, the lyrics tell a different story: "Oh oh oh / Hit me with goodbye / But I'm fronting like it's nothing / Yeah, it's all a good lie," Kellie Jones, the daughter half of the duo, sings on the chorus. "'Cause I know oh oh / It's killing you inside / Yeah, it's breaking your heart / That you didn't break mine." --CL

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