A study recently showed that 1 in 4 people have snooped on someone's facebook page! Have you??

I chose this nice stock photo of a pirate snooping, because I felt it really captured the snooping emotion

Noam Armonn

If you've ever left facebook open on your computer or your phone, there's a chance you could have been snooped on! Or in my case pranked on... my husband used to love to post the worst prank statuses on my Facebook, thank goodness he's stopped doing that!

But have you ever opened someones facebook and snooped around?  Why?

The top 3 reasons according to this study were jealousy, curiosity, and for fun.

I've snooped before, but it wasn't on my friends facebook, my friend was friends with someone on Facebook I had blocked, so I logged onto his facebook to see the person I blocked's facebook.

So be honest, have you snooped?

Join the convo and let me know!

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