Another summer has come and gone, closing yet another season for Holiday World's water park, Splashin' Safari. But, the fun isn't over just yet as Holiday World is set to celebrate the "spooky season" with the return of their Happy Halloween Weekends, and we're giving you and a guest the chance to experience it for free.

Happy Halloween Weekends Return to Holiday World

For many, many years, once the steamy temperatures of summer were done for the year, the owners of Holiday World called it a season and shut down both until the following summer. Then, in 2012, they had an idea. What if they only shut down Splashin' Safari (because no one wants to ride waterslides in 60-degree temperatures), left Holiday World open, and celebrated Halloween in each of the holiday-themed sections instead of just the Halloween part? Boom. Happy Halloween Weekends were born.*

*I don't know if this is exactly how the idea came to be, but I assume it was something along these lines.

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The theme weekends run every Saturday and Sunday for six weeks leading up to Halloween and gives you the chance to ride all your favorite rides, like the Thunderbird, Voyage, Raven, and Legend one more time. Additionally, each weekend also features the following shows and attractions you won't find at Holiday World any other time of the year.

  • SCAREbnb: A Halloween-themed fun house featuring classic movie monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman.
  • Holidog’s 3D Halloween Adventure: A 3-D fun house where you help Holiday World's mascot, Holidog, find his lost Halloween candy using 3-D glasses.
  • Corn Maze: 12 acres of cornfields with tons of twists and turns.
  • Hayrides: It's not the Fall season if you don't go on at least one hayride.
  • Professor Holiday’s Wacky Workshop of Wonders: A live show featuring the self-proclaimed, "World's Greatest Inventor" Professor D.R. Holiday who shows off a few of his crazy inventions and lets a few lucky audience members try them out.
  • Carnival Chaos: This indoor series of mazes is designed to look like an abandoned amusement park, and is meant for older kids and adults due to the use of strobe lights, the occasional loud noise, and "startles."
  • Kitty’s Dance Spooktacular: A live, music-themed show featuring Holidog's good friend, Kitty Claws.

Happy Halloween Weekends begin Saturday, September 24th and take place every Saturday and Sunday through Sunday, October 30th. For the complete schedule of shows and other Happy Halloween Weekend attractions, or to buy tickets, visit the Holiday World website.

How to Win Tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari
Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

However, you may not need to worry about buying tickets because we have your chance to win a pair for free every weekday during the Q Crew Morning Show with me and Leslie.

Listen during the 8:00 AM hour every Monday through Friday through October 21st for the chance to win. When we tell you to call, be caller 9 at 877-437-5995 to play a Halloween-inspired game. If you answer the question or do whatever we ask you to do correctly, you'll score a pair of free tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World. Good luck!

[Source: Holiday World & Splashin' Safari]

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