A video of a group of Indiana teens is circulating around the internet after they fought off an armed robber while on Spring Break. 

The group of kids, apparently cousins from Indiana, are getting a lot of attention for their bravery after fighting off a man who was attempting to rob them at gunpoint.

Apparently the teens were heading back from a Spring Break trip in Florida and stopped to get some gas before hitting the road. The men stood outside the car and chatted before a man jumped out of the car at the adjacent pump and approached them with a gun. The man appeared to be aggressive toward the men, showing them what appears to be a weapon.

To everyone's surprise, the men immediately took action, wrestling the man to the ground and eventually getting his gun. The Facebook video, which was uploaded on Tuesday, is getting a lot of attention.

Check out the gas station surveillance footage of the incident:

Bravo, gentlemen!

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