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Living in Los Angeles, my brother has experienced may earthquakes. I;’m nor even sure he can count them all. He is a radio/TV personality and recently experienced one while filming his TV show Dish Nation.

That’s so scary. I have experienced a cripple of earth quakes and it is the most bizarre and frightening feeling I have ever felt. LA is located on the San Andreas fault line. We, here in the Tristate dit on the New Madrid seismic zone. At any moment, at any time, we all could experience an earthquake of great magnitude. Experts say that we should; be prepared.

On Tuesday, Google unveiled an earthquake mass alert warning system for Android smart phones. It will actually became a standard feature on Android phones. At this time, it is only available in CA, but hopefully, one day, our smart phones will be able to sense seismic activity all over the world.

Android users who have enabled their location and are near a quake will receive a full-screen earthquake notification warning telling them to drop to the floor and seek cover.

For now, Phone done have this kind of capability. iPhone users will have to download the MyShake app.

Find more info on this amazing new Android earthquake alert system, HERE.

SOURCE: nbcnews.com/associated press]

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