General Motors has announced a recall on over 380,00 SUVs in the United States.

This recall affects over 380,000 SUVs over suspension issues that could potentially cause problems with the steering of the vehicle. The suspension problem could cause your vehicle to sway when driving at higher speeds such as on an interstate. Here's the thing: for many of the vehicles involved in this recall, this is not the first time. Many of the vehicles were recalled for a similar issue in 2014.

The recall covers 2010 through 2016 Cadillac SRX and 2011 and 2012 Saab 9-4X SUVs. For those who are confused by seeing Saab listed here, General Motors once owned Saab.

According to The Detroit News, there was an investigation launched last year by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which found that the rear suspension toe link adjuster may not be properly tightened. This could cause the vehicles to sway while driving at high speeds. The toe link stabilizes the vehicle's rear suspension and keeps the tires on the road.

So what is next for owners of these vehicles?

General Motors is advising owners to not drive their vehicles if they see certain dashboard warning lights or notice issues with their steering. Safety is the top priority. GM will start notifying owners of vehicles affected by this recall sometime in August, according to The Detroit News. From there, owners will be able to take their vehicle to their local GM dealer to have them replace the adjustable toe link with one that is not adjustable.

If you want to see if your vehicle is under recall, you can enter the 17-digit vehicle identification number at

(H/T- The Detroit News)

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