LA Artist Drew Cooper is bringing his pop up back to his home town in Gibson County.

What started out as an elective in college turned into a career for Gibson Co native, Drew Cooper. I met Drew last year through a local business owner, Candy Yancey of R'z Cafe & Catering and she told me about Drew and his story. I couldn't wait to meet him and we actually had mutual friends so it was fun to get to know each other! Drew started his career at Ball State when he transferred there in college and originally majored in business. He took a class in art as an elective and as they say "the rest is history". Cooper clearly had a knack for art and a passion, he quickly realized. Without much of a plan, he and a couple friends moved to L.A.

Cooper creates aesthetic nature and flower art where he is known for his fresh style of vibrant bright colors. He takes his drawings and can make them large scale murals. One he actually did on the side of the building at R'z Cafe in Fort Branch. Most of his work is done like this actually and he began to be noticed specifically for his murals. Cooper has worked with several brands including Coach NY, Mountain Dew, Boost Mobile, Adidas, Puma, Vans, WeTransfer, and Dew Tour.

Photo: Drew Cooper
Photo: Drew Cooper

Cooper has decided to come back for his first pop up here in the tristate. The event will be at R'z Cafe & Catering in Fort Branch. Guests will be able to see the two story mural "The Garden" on the side of the building. Exclusive merchandise and art pieces will be available for purchase and the show will run from 7-9pm followed by live music from 9-11pm.

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