The only thing better than a rack of ribs smoked to perfection is when proceeds from that rack of ribs go to help a great cause.

Germania Maennerchor on Evansville's west side is doing just that as part of their annual Summer Horse Race, Dinner, and Half-Pot event coming up on Friday, June 30th (2023). The evening will feature full racks of ribs and half chickens smoked by pitmaster Roger Griffin and served as plate dinners for dine-in and carryout that come with American potato salad, baked beans, and cole slaw.

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If you can't make it to the event on the 30th, you can still get your hands on some of that delicious meat by preordering in advance. A full rack of ribs will be available for $27 and half chickens are $7 each. Orders can be picked up on the 30th after 5:00 PM at the Maennerchor on the corner of Fulton Avenue and Maryland Street.

Proceeds from the sales of food both ahead of time and during the event itself will be given to the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville which will use it to continue its mission of working with young boys and girls in the Evansville area. To preorder your ribs or chicken, call the Maennerchor at 812-422-1915, or stop by the bar inside the building.

What is a Maennerchor?

According to Wikipedia, a "Maennerchor" (pronounced MEN-ER-CORE) means, "men's chorus" which is a name given to German Social Clubs. On the flip side, a Damenchor (pronounced: DAME-IN-CORE) means "women's chorus."

The Evansville Maennerchor has been around for over 120 years. According to its website, the club was founded in 1900 "by a group of individuals dedicated to sharing their passion with others." The club hosted its first annual bierstube, Volksfest, 34 years later as a way to celebrate the area's "German heritage and culture with authentic food, drinks, and activities."

The Summer Horse Racing, Dinner, and Half-Pot is open to the public and is family-friendly.

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