Gabby Barrett inspires fans to never give up in her new song "Footprints on the Moon."

The American Idol Season 16 finalist has offered another taste of her debut album, Goldminewith the anthemic number that delivers an encouraging message to practice perseverance when chasing one's dreams, using the fact that man has walked on the moon as a prime example of seemingly out-of-reach dreams that are achievable.

"Footprints on the Moon" follows the release of Barrett's single "The Good Ones" and "I Hope," the latter of which made her the first solo female country artist to score a No. 1 hit with her debut single since Carly Pearce's "Every Little Thing" in 2017.

Did You Know?: Barrett's power trio of writers came together for this single, as well. She wrote "Footprints on the Moon" with Zach Kale and Jon Nite. The same three wrote "I Hope."

Warner Music Nashville
Warner Music Nashville

Gabby Barrett's "Footprints on the Moon" Lyrics: 

It's Everest, I know / It's impossible, you're too young or too old / That's what they tell you / So that's what you tell you too / So the light, it fades / When you figure out the rules, they change / When you touch it in your hands, it's sand / Slipping through, but the truth is …

Everybody says that you can't until you do / Standing there, staring at the mirror in the room / Tell yourself, ‘One more day, one more day, one more shot’ / The voices in the night, in your head / Yeah, they'll pay you to quit / He'll tell you that it's hard, 'cause it is / But you can do anything, anything you want to / There's footprints on the moon.

Your knees, they'll shake / You're gonna wanna stay home, don't stay / The more your heart want it / The harder it'll break, yeah.

Repeat Chorus

Some days, you gonna win / Some days, you gonna be this close / Some days, you wanna give up / But hang on.

Repeat Chorus

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