Our We Love Local campaign has been so well received the last few of years, that we're bringing it back for a round number four!

The idea was born during the COVID pandemic in 2020 when the world essentially shut down and local businesses saw a sharp drop in sales. Many were forced to try and change their business model on the fly as online shopping saw a sharp uptick because no one was leaving their homes. There was hope that 2021 would be a bit easier. However, it presented its own share of issues. COVID continued to be a factor, but new struggles emerged. On top of letting everyone know they exist, finding employees and issues with the supply chain created new obstacles for businesses to navigate as they worked to provide both new and returning customers with the product or service they expect from them as the holiday season, arguably their busiest time of the year, quickly approached.

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Here we are now, nearly at the end of 2023 and the restrictions of the pandemic are long gone, but we know local businesses are still struggling with staffing issues and trying to keep prices reasonable. While we may not be able to help with the economics of running your business, we can let everyone know who you are, where you are, what you provide, and how they can work for you if you're in need of a helping hand with the return of our We Love Local live broadcasts.

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How to Book Your We Love Local Broadcast

Here's how it works: Either Melissa, Travis, or I will bring our station vehicle (pictured above) to your location for a free* one-hour broadcast that will include two live commercials where we'll tell everyone listening whatever it is you want them to know. Whether that's the product or service you offer, how they can find you in person and online, and how they can work for you if you're looking to hire and they're looking for a job. That's it! Simple enough, right?

We'll book 10 broadcasts per week starting the week of November 6th, and if this year is like the last two, those spots will fill up fast, so don't wait. Let us help you spread your message to residents across the Tri-State, by emailing me, Ryan O'Bryan at ryan@wkdq.com to book your broadcast now. We hope to see you soon!

*NOTE: The normal charge for the two live commercials that happen during the live broadcast is waived for the business. The only thing the business owner has to do is pay a reduced talent fee (just $50) to the air personality who comes to do the remote.

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