Baldemar Huerta, better known on stage as Freddie Fender, gave us several great country tunes that also crossed over to the pop charts. Most of his big ones like "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" and "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" came in the mid seventies. Freddie got great acoustics from his massive hairdo which, as it turns out, was just a stage presence.

In 2001, BILLBOARD magazine reported his death which Freddie declared was a little premature. He actually passed away 5 years later and just after his funeral his massive wig disappeared from his home. Freddie had actually grown a huge Latino/afro early in his career when he was having number one hits in '75 and '76 but later got a very conservative trim. He found that people who attended his concerts expected the big hair 70's look so he had a wig made that mirrored his former style.

For a while the wig ended up in a British museum but now seems to be missing completely.

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