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Mother's Day is tomorrow and most musicians pay tribute to their mothers. Really, for everything your mother or the mother figure in you life does for you, a song is really a drop in the bucket. You always hear the normal songs about mom, from Merle Haggard to Carrie Underwood. But there are a few that falls between the cracks. Here are some of these.

Glenn Campbell and Steve Wariner- Hand that rocks the cradle.   The two pair up to record this song in the last 80's. A memorable lyric of the song is "There ought to be a hall of fame for mamas', I agree. Id nominate my mom.


(Barbra Hallum)


The Shirelles- Momma Said  Yeah, you can say this isn't country, BUT you got to admit it's true. When growing up, mom tells you a lot, and at times you don't want to listen to anything she says. We all have done that, and we all learn otherwise.


C.W. McCall- Roses for Mama YUP!!! I pulled this one out! Gah, the first time I heard this song, my eyes leaked! Its not a mothers day song, but its a song that tugs at the feels in your heart. When you get older life has you going everywhere, its easier just to say, "Hey, i'll come by later." Sometime that later doesn't happen.

As Sunday approaches, tell your ladies in your life Happy Mother's Day. It may not be your mom, it could an aunt, bonus mom, grand mother, who ever just tell them you appreciate them. A small gesture can mean so much to someone.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!! I love you!!


(mary blue)

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