While graffiti and street art have been around for decades, commissioned murals have become increasingly popular in both urban and rural cities alike. Here in Indiana, it is no different. Not only do we have murals here in Evansville but there are some spectacular ones in Indianapolis that just might have you stopping to smell the flowers.

Murals in Southern Indiana

Here in Evansville, we have seen an increase in outdoor visual art with the likes of downtown's Self E Alley, which is now home to three different murals, as well as the mural that went up on the Old National Bank ONSD building located at 101 NW 4th Street. Then, of course, there is a handful painted on buildings along Franklin Street, and several others around the city of Evansville.

Murals, Murals Everywhere

Traveling to and exploring new cities is one of my favorite things to do, and I love seeing all of the artwork and murals. Just recently, I visited Louisville, Kentucky and there was no shortage of striking and beautiful art. I encountered much the same thing a couple of years ago when I visited Asheville, North Carolina with my daughter.

Adding Indianapolis to the Travel List

Admittedly, it has been a while since I have paid a visit to Indianapolis, despite the fact that it is an easy 3-hour drive north now that I-69 is complete, but after coming across photos in a Facebook group of an alley adorn in beautiful floral murals, I think it is time that I make the trip.

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Flower Alley

I stumbled upon the photos of Flower Alley in the Pictoral Indiana Facebook group after they were shared there by a woman named Sigrid, who was nice enough to give me permission to share her photographs. (Keep scrolling to see the full gallery below). Once I saw them, I had to know more.

Sigrid Yarbrough Ferguson Warda

Broad Ripple Village

Flower Alley is located in Broad Ripple Village, a trendy and thriving cultural district with a focus on inclusivity, and is located about six miles north of Downtown Indianapolis.

The Broad Ripple Village neighborhood of nearly 17,000 residents embraces its reputation for being socially, economically and ethnically diverse. Not only does the Village’s unofficial motto “we’re always open if you are” refer to the inclusive nature of the neighborhood, it also literally speaks to the fact that numerous Broad Ripple bars and night spots remain open as late as 3 a.m. Locally owned pubs and restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and specialty shops — not to mention the White River Canal and greenways like the Monon Trail — make the Village an exciting place for all to explore.


Stop To Take a Selfie

The murals in Flower Alley got their start when a few area residents got together to launch a creative passion project with the help of a California artist. What started as a bid to have one mural painted, turned into two, and from their Flower Alley bloomed. Each mural is accompanied by positive, uplifting, and encouraging words.

Sigrid Yarbrough Ferguson Warda
Sigrid Yarbrough Ferguson Warda


More in Bloom for 2022

What started as a couple of murals in 2019 has now grown with artist Jules Muck having made a return to Broad Ripple and Flower Alley in late 2021, and according to RippleBnB.com, Muck returned over the summer to add more colorful flowers to the beautiful neighborhood alley. There is no doubt that you will want to add this Broad Ripple Flower Alley to your list of must-see places for your next trip to Indianapolis. Keep scrolling to see the murals from Flower Alley.

Broad Ripple's Flower Alley in Indianapolis

This visually beautiful spot about 6 miles north of Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana is the perfect spot to stop and take a selfie!

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