A Florida woman gave birth in a parking lot just steps away from a maternity center—and the whole thing was caught on a RING doorbell camera and shared to Facebook.

According to AP News, new mom Susan Anderson was mere steps away from her birthing center when her baby decided it was time to meet the world... and couldn't wait any longer.

Anderson's husband drove her to the Natural Birthworks center in Margate, Florida in late June when their baby was due. Footage captured Anderson stepping out of her car wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops, ready to give birth immediately.

But she never made it inside the center. Her midwife, Sandra, told two officers who arrived at the scene that Anderson was about to give birth. As Anderson's husband watched in awe, Anderson pushed as the midwife crouched and caught the newborn, before handing the baby to its mom in the parking lot.

They named their baby girl Julia. Both baby and mom are doing great following the birth.

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